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Sand & Loam Top Dressing

Top dressing is a formulation of fine sand and loam or organic material which is worked into the surface of the lawn during the renovation process, usually when scarification or aeration has taken place during the autumn and over seeding or a particularly even surface is required.
Regular top dressing is common on ornamental lawns and professional sports grounds such as golf greens, bowling greens and football pitches.
Very few lawn care companies offer a comprehensive top dressing or total renovation service, but at Lawntech we pride ourselves on being able to bring these treatments to the domestic garden for small or even the largest lawns. We also provide the same services to sports grounds.
For small lawns with limited access we can apply sand and loam top dressing by hand to produce fantastic results.
For large lawns or sports pitches we use a process of delivering top dressing in one tonne bags on our own large lorry. It has a detachable forklift for loading our compact tractor-mounted machines which can spread many tonnes of product efficiently over very large areas. The dressing is brushed in to create a smooth finish.

The benefits of top dressing

  • Assists germination after over seeding
  • Improves surface quality and smoothness
  • Fills in cracks, gaps and minor indentations
  • Assists surface drainage
  • Speeds up recovery from aeration and scarification


  • Now let your winter of discontent be made glorious summer- call Tony's team - they'll come your way-some time in May-and your green green grass of home will be the envy of Neighbours - by Summer Time, when the living is easy.

     With apologies to Will Shakespeare, Tom Jones and others! 

  • "Happy Christmas to you and your Team. Thank you, for making my lawn the “Best in the Street”"

    Mrs J. S.
    Potton Beds

  • "Thank you, I am pleased. It was a good investment getting you guys in."

    Mr K.C.
    Benington Hertfordshire

  • "We are very pleased with your work, our lawn has never looked better, especially the original “council” grass area, which has been an eyesore for more than 16 years. My son arrived for a holiday and thought we had put new turf down where he used to play!"

    Mrs U.

  • "Excellent service very efficient. Improvement in the lawn is amazing!"

    Mrs D.S.
    Impington Cambridge