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Red Thread

Trinity Lawns guide to Red Thread Fungus ( a lawn disease that causes brown patches )

We have been very lucky in most of our area so far this year (April 29th 2014) as red thread fungus has not really atacked the lawns yet. But my gut feeling is that it will start to appear now that the weather is warmer and it has just started to turn wet again.

What does it look like?

The effect on the lawn is that brown patches (about the size of a saucer) start to appear on the lawn. On closer inspection you will probably notice a coral coloured bead about 2mm in diameter or more rarely it forms the classic antler shape on the blade of the grass.

Red Thread


Is it serious?

No, you should not lose sleep over this fungus, it does not last for ever and the grass will recover from it. But if you have a great lawn looking very green its very unsightly till the fungus has run its course and the damage grows out.

What can you do about it?

Normally I try to talk my customers out of treating it as it will reoccur and it is an expensive treatment. But last year we had very good results by running a regular fungicide program on a few of our customers who are very serious about their lawns and were prepaired to commit to a program. The results with this new fungicide treatment were so good that I’m going to offer it to nearly all customers.

How much does it cost?

If you are not a regular customer we can treat it for a charge of £65 per 200 square metres.

How long does it work for?

This will protect a lawn from an attack of red thread for about seven to nine weeks, if the lawn is already damaged with red thread it helps it to recover quicker and stops it from spreading over the whole lawn.

The big plus about this product is that it actualy improves the look of the lawn.

Is it worth it?

That all depends on how much you value the appearance of the lawn and how much you are prepaired to spend on it. For the first time for many years I am going to treat my own lawn with this fungicide.

As you would expect I have to keep a very good looking lawn, but this is the first year that I have had confidence in the product.


  • Now let your winter of discontent be made glorious summer- call Tony's team - they'll come your way-some time in May-and your green green grass of home will be the envy of Neighbours - by Summer Time, when the living is easy.

     With apologies to Will Shakespeare, Tom Jones and others! 

  • "Happy Christmas to you and your Team. Thank you, for making my lawn the “Best in the Street”"

    Mrs J. S.
    Potton Beds

  • "Thank you, I am pleased. It was a good investment getting you guys in."

    Mr K.C.
    Benington Hertfordshire

  • "We are very pleased with your work, our lawn has never looked better, especially the original “council” grass area, which has been an eyesore for more than 16 years. My son arrived for a holiday and thought we had put new turf down where he used to play!"

    Mrs U.

  • "Excellent service very efficient. Improvement in the lawn is amazing!"

    Mrs D.S.
    Impington Cambridge