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Lawn Aeration


It is very important to aerate a lawn regularly.
Aeration can be carried out at any time of the year, unless the ground is frozen solid or very dry. Aeration improves drainage and nutrient uptake. It stimulates soil microbes and their activity, which are very important in creating a healthy lawn. The professional aeration machines we use at Trinity Lawn Care are fitted with different types of metal tines: slitting (fracture) tines, solid tines or hollow tines.

Slitting (fracture) tines

The machine uses its weight to drive blades into the soil. The blades are slightly offset and gouge the soil as they exit the turf leaving a cut in the lawn. This is our most common maintenance aeration.

Solid tine aeration

The machine drives spikes into the soil. As the spikes are withdrawn the ground heaves slightly, which loosens compacted soil particles. We use this machine instead of the fracture tine machine where access is difficult.

Hollow tine aeration

The machine drives apple corer type tines into the lawn removing plugs of soil and thatch. Depending on soil type these plugs may be left to break down on the lawn or can be swept up. This method of aeration has a direct effect on thatch levels without putting the turf under high levels of stress. We often use this machine when renovating lawns to bring soil to the surface and help enhance seed germination.


We consider that regular aeration is the most important weapon in the fight against moss. In the past the only way to do this was to get out and fork all day to relieve the compaction and allow air and water to get to the roots in the soil rather than just keeping the thatch damp. Now we can do it for you more effectively with our powered aeration machines in a fraction of the time it would take using a fork.
In the past we have only been able to offer “Hollow Tine” aeration which, although giving excellent results, it does have the disadvantage of leaving the lawns covered in cores. While we are quite prepared to remove the cores for customers there is hefty cost involved.
We can now offer “Fracture Tine” aeration which has the advantage of not leaving any debris. Furthermore we can use this machine on boggy lawns that would have been impossible to aerate with the Hollow Tine machine.



  • Now let your winter of discontent be made glorious summer- call Tony's team - they'll come your way-some time in May-and your green green grass of home will be the envy of Neighbours - by Summer Time, when the living is easy.

     With apologies to Will Shakespeare, Tom Jones and others! 

  • "Happy Christmas to you and your Team. Thank you, for making my lawn the “Best in the Street”"

    Mrs J. S.
    Potton Beds

  • "Thank you, I am pleased. It was a good investment getting you guys in."

    Mr K.C.
    Benington Hertfordshire

  • "We are very pleased with your work, our lawn has never looked better, especially the original “council” grass area, which has been an eyesore for more than 16 years. My son arrived for a holiday and thought we had put new turf down where he used to play!"

    Mrs U.

  • "Excellent service very efficient. Improvement in the lawn is amazing!"

    Mrs D.S.
    Impington Cambridge