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Green Routine Lawn Care Program

We call our regular lawn care program the Green Routine this consists of four treatments for your lawn throughout the year. Three of these are during the growing season and the
fourth is applied during the winter period.

Of course we will also provide other more specialised services such as lawn pest control and fungicide treatments as well as mechanical treatments.
Sample of Typical Lawn Care Menu for a 12 month cycle (Plat du jour)

Spring Starters
A tasty helping of Nitro Mush Blue applied with Iron aid sauce drizzled with
No –More-Dandy weed buster.

May’n June Course
A healthy portion of organic Nitro-Fuss-Pot including a hint of Magnesium
Served with lashings of Speedwell Cream,
the no nonsense warm weather weed killer.

Autumn Afters
Ready-4-Winter high Phosphate root developer,
washed down with a swooner of Daizzy Heights & Plantains punch weedsorter cocktails

Winter Warmer
Rocky’s Hardy Potassium Hardener with Iron Lady Moss Throttler

We would also like tempt your greens with a selection from the autumn mechanical carte

Scarify the Rsoff – a thorough autumn d’Thatcher that leaves the lawn both shaven and stirred.
Or / And
A Jolly Good Forking – The penetration aeration that makes the grass squeal with delight.
And if you want to go the whole hog –

Overseeding followed by a thick dusting of bowls green Top Dressing.

This lawn care program may seem a bit flippant, but we can assure you we are deadly serious when it comes to lawns and the care of our customers, and we would like to stress that every lawn is different and we are prepared to tackle lawns according to their needs and not just ours.

This is a typical lawn care menu that we can supply at a fixed price, but we also have other a la carte treatments for the lawns which need more than just some TLC.