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About Us and how we care about lawn care

Why use us to treat and care for your lawn?

We are not a landscape business and do not lay turf, cut grass or carry out any landscaping activities.

  • We are independent and able to source the best products for your lawn.
  • Continually keep our staff year on year.
  • Extremely flexible to our customers requirements.
  • You can call us almost anytime and know they are talking to somebody who knows their lawn and not an answering machine or a call centre.
  • We emphasise CARE in lawn care.
  • We love our job and the results that we get.

Our customers trust us to offer them advice and guidance on all aspects of lawn care.

We have found our niche with customers who generally have larger lawns and expect a higher standard of care & service than our larger competitors are able to offer.

We are an agricultural business specialists rather than general gardening or landscaping.

We know that people who are proud of their gardens expect a high degree of respect and care from anyone working on their property, and we take care to achieve the highest level of service.

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Privacy Policy

We Keep records of our customers which contain the following:
Phone Numbers

Email Addresses
Size of Lawn
If they have fish ponds
If they have a gravel drive
If they have an outside tap
geographic location

We need this data to carry out the service to our customers.
We do not share this data with anybody outside the company. 


  • Now let your winter of discontent be made glorious summer- call Tony's team - they'll come your way-some time in May-and your green green grass of home will be the envy of Neighbours - by Summer Time, when the living is easy.

     With apologies to Will Shakespeare, Tom Jones and others! 

  • "Happy Christmas to you and your Team. Thank you, for making my lawn the “Best in the Street”"

    Mrs J. S.
    Potton Beds

  • "Thank you, I am pleased. It was a good investment getting you guys in."

    Mr K.C.
    Benington Hertfordshire

  • "We are very pleased with your work, our lawn has never looked better, especially the original “council” grass area, which has been an eyesore for more than 16 years. My son arrived for a holiday and thought we had put new turf down where he used to play!"

    Mrs U.

  • "Excellent service very efficient. Improvement in the lawn is amazing!"

    Mrs D.S.
    Impington Cambridge